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Detection of HPV genotypes in cervical lesions by the HPV DNA Chip and sequencing.

OBJECTIVE: A newly introduced HPV detection technique in cervical lesion, the HPV DNA Chip test, contains 24 HPV probes and has the advantage of being able to detect 24 HPV types at once. We performed HPV DNA sequencing and compared the results with that of the HPV DNA Chip for evaluation of the accuracy of the DNA Chip test. METHODS: The HPV DNA sequencing was performed in samples of 282 patients, where specific HPV type had been shown in HPV DNA Chip test. The sixteen cases where multiple HPV types had been found in HPV DNA Chip test were included in 282 cases. The sequencing was also performed in HPV-other type samples of 95 patients, where positive in HPV-PCR, but specific HPV type had not been found. RESULTS: In 257 cases (91.1%) of 282 cases, the HPV types of the HPV DNA sequencing test were in agreement with types of the HPV DNA Chip. In 16 cases (5.7%), the sequencing types were different from the types of HPV DNA Chip. But, in 9 of 16 cases, types in HPV DNA sequencing were absent types in HPV DNA Chip test. The interpretation of HPV DNA sequencing was impossible in nine cases (3.2%). The HPV DNA sequencing test of 95 cases of HPV-other type showed that the sequencing types from 94 cases (98.9%) were absent types in HPV DNA Chip test. In sequencing test of HPV-other type, HPV-81 (20.0%), HPV-62 (14.7%), HPV-84 (13.7%), and HPV-61 (13.7%) were frequently detected. CONCLUSION: HPV DNA Chip is an accurate method for detecting the 24 HPV genotypes.[1]


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