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The cathepsin D gene exon 2 (C224T) polymorphism and sporadic Alzheimer's disease in European populations.

The cathepsin D gene (CTSD) exon 2 (C224T) polymorphism has been associated with an increased risk for sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD), but with controversial findings. We studied CTSD exon 2 (C224T) and apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype frequencies in 168 AD patients and 218 age-matched healthy controls from Southern Italy. No statistically significant differences were found in CTSD allele or genotype frequencies between AD patients and controls, and there were no interactions with sex or APOE genotype. Furthermore, comparing our results with the findings from other European populations, the CTSD*T allele frequency showed a statistically significant increasing trend from Northern to Southern regions of Europe in AD patients and controls (z=2.51, p<.01; z=4.02, p<.001, respectively), with a concomitant inverse trend for CTSD*C allele frequency. The regional differences in CTSD allele frequencies could be related to the different patterns of association between this polymorphism and AD in various European studies.[1]


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