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Study of the interaction of sulfur dioxide derivative with cardiac sodium channel.

The effects of sulfur dioxide (SO(2)) derivatives (bisulfite and sulfite, 1:3 M/M) on voltage-dependent sodium channel in isolated rat ventricular myocyte were studied using the whole cell patch-clamp technique. SO(2) derivatives increased sodium current (I(Na)) in a concentration-dependent manner. SO(2) derivatives at 10 microM significantly shifted steady-state inactivation curve of I(Na) to more positive potentials, but did not affect the activation curve. SO(2) derivatives markedly shifted the curve of time-dependent recovery of I(Na) from inactivation to the left, and accelerated the recovery of I(Na). SO(2) derivatives also significantly shortened the activation and inactivation time constants of I(Na). These results indicated that SO(2) derivatives produced concentration-dependent stimulation of cardiac sodium channels, which due mainly to the interaction of the drug with sodium channels in the inactivated state.[1]


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