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Association of migraine and ESR1 G325C polymorphism.

Migraine is a genetically complex disorder in which sexual hormones influence the phenotype. ESR1 G594A polymorphism has been associated with migraine in Australians. We performed a case-control study with G594A and G325C polymorphisms to determine whether ESR1 is associated with migraine in our population. An association between G594A and migraine could not be demonstrated here. By contrast, we observed that the C325 allele conferred a 1.6 (95% confidence interval=1.1-2.4) higher risk for suffering from migraine in women than the G allele. Women carrying the C352C genotype were over 3 times more likely to suffer from migraine than those carrying the G325G genotype. Therefore, we conclude that ESR1 G325C polymorphism is associated with migraine in our population.[1]


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