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Study of the protein S system in HIV-infected patients: acquired protein S deficiency or unsuitable assays?

The plasma protein S ( PS) system was studied in 120 HIV seropositive patients (CDC classification: group II: n = 35; group III: n = 6; groups IVA, IVC2 or IVE, n = 38; groups IVB, IVC1 or IVD, n = 41). Total PS antigen and C4b-binding protein (C4b-BP) values were not significantly different from control values. Free protein S levels assessed by an immunological method in the supernatant of PEG-precipitated plasma samples (PEG-fPS) were below the normal limit in 85 patients, lower values being found in patients with advanced HIV disease. No correlation was found between PEG-fPS levels and C4b-BP or total PS levels. At least 25 patients had a low functional PS value. Low functional levels of PS were found in each clinical group although there was no difference in the distribution of functional PS values among groups. Crossed immuno-electrophoresis showed an abnormal distribution of PS in some patients, but failed to confirm the marked decrease of free PS in patients with very low PEG-fPS. An impairment of the protein S system is observed in HIV-infected patients. However, the discrepancies found in some patients among the results of the various PS-related assays should lead to a cautious interpretation concerning the incidence of PS deficiency in HIV-infected patients.[1]


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