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Calcium-activated proteolysis of intracellular domains in the cell adhesion molecules NCAM and N-cadherin.

One of the consequences of increased intracellular calcium in response to a variety of physiological stimuli is the calcium activation of cytosolic proteases. Unlike lysosomal proteases with broad specificity, these calcium-activated neutral proteases show limited proteolysis of a restricted set of substrate proteins suggesting they may play a regulatory role in cellular physiology. In this study we show that the neural cell adhesion molecules NCAM-180 and N-cadherin are substrates for such endogenous calcium-activated neutral proteases. In contrast, a third neural cell adhesion molecule G4/L1 was not susceptible to calcium-activated proteolysis. The threshold for activation of NCAM and N-cadherin proteolysis is in the micromolar range of calcium suggesting that NCAM and N-cadherin are substrates for a mu-type calpain (calpain I). The site recognized by this protease is within intracellular domains of NCAM-180 and N-cadherin which are important for their interaction with cytoskeletal components. These results suggest that calcium-activated proteolysis at these sites in vivo could disrupt the linkage between extracellular ligand binding to these adhesion molecules and the normal intracellular effectors of such extracellular binding events.[1]


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