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Repeated administration of a vitamin preparation containing glycocholic acid in patients with hepatobiliary disease.

Background Until now, hydrophilic and lipophilic vitamin preparations had to be administered separately during total parenteral nutrition. By addition of glycocholic acid, a vitamin supplement (Cernevit, Baxter, Heidelberg, Germany) was developed that combines all vitamins into one vial. However, little information exists about possible consequences of bile acid administration such as glycocholic acid, especially if liver disease is pre-existing. Aim To evaluate the effects of total parenteral nutrition with a vitamin preparation containing high doses of glycocholic acid in patients with and without liver disease. Methods In a prospective, randomized-controlled trial, 74 patients, 36 of them with hepatobiliary disease, received total parenteral nutrition for 16 +/- 11 days, either with Cernevit or control vitamin supplements. Patients were closely monitored for clinical and biochemical parameters including serum bile acid profiles measured by high-performance liquid chromatography. Results Serum glycocholic acid increased in patients with liver disease treated with Cernevit, whereas total bile acids did not significantly change. Other liver function tests remained stable during treatment. No adverse events during Cernevit administration were noted except for a reversible slight increase of transaminases in one patient. Conclusions Cernevit was well tolerated after repeated dosing, even in patients with severe liver disease. Apart from standard controls of liver biochemistry, no specific surveillance is necessary during treatment with Cernevit.[1]


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