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Age-related reexpression of p75 in axotomized motoneurons.

p75 was immunohistochemically identified in spinal motoneurons in immature and adult rats after either distal peripheral axotomy or root avulsion. Few or no p75 positive motoneurons were observed after distal axotomy in animals at the age of postnatal day 1 and postnatal day 7, whereas the injury induced marked neuronal death. Motoneurons reexpressed p75 from the end of the second postnatal week to adulthood in response to distal axotomy, whereas most motoneurons survived after the injury. On the other hand, root avulsion in animals of all ages did not cause significant p75 expression in avulsed motoneurons where most motoneurons died ultimately. The potential role of such reexpression in motoneuron protection is discussed.[1]


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