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Characterization of the antibody response against the type II collagen induced by anti-idiotypic antibody.

We reported that rabbit anti-idiotypic antibody (Ab2) against mAb, termed 1-5 (Ab1) and reactive with human type II collagen (CII) induced antibody response to CII in DBA/1J mice susceptible to collagen-induced arthritis. In the present study, we further characterized the anti-CII antibody response elicited by Ab2 with respect to epitope specificity, putative genetic background, and IgG subclass. Most of anti-CII antibodies (polyclonal Ab3) derived from Ab2-immunized mice were of the IgG1 subclass. We purified polyclonal Ab3, using a CII-coupled immunoadsorbent column and we developed monoclonal Ab3 from Ab2-immunized mice. Both purified polyclonal Ab3 and two monoclonal Ab3s specifically reacted with a selected epitope on CII, recognized by Ab1. The anti-CII antibody response stimulated by Ab2 was observed in DBA/1J (H-2q, Igh-1c) and DBA/2 (H-2q, Igh-1c) mice, but not in the BALB/c (H-2d, Igh-1a) and C57BL/6 (H-2b, Igh-1b) strains, thereby suggesting that the anti-CII antibody response elicited by Ab2 is controlled by the Igh gene.[1]


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