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Applying Roberts' Triple ABCD Model in the aftermath of crisis-inducing and trauma-inducing community disasters.

Natural and man-made community disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, school shootings, and mass terrorist attacks, heavily impact the safety, mental health, and well-being of large numbers of individuals, families and groups. Millions of individuals who experience acute crisis episodes or psychological trauma are not consistently provided with the early psychological interventions they urgently need. There is a critical need for tools and a framework to quickly and effectively promote interventions. This article presents one such effort, the Roberts' Triple ABCD Model. This model is an up-to-date and integrated conceptual framework that helps to provide the foundation for developing a unified standard of care for crisis and disaster mental health interventions. This model can be useful in determining which early intervention methods and techniques are most likely to reduce traumatic stress, treat acute crisis and psychosocial symptoms, and promote recovery.[1]


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