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Molecular assembly of artificial photosynthetic antenna core complex on an amino-terminated ITO electrode.

Bacterial photosynthetic membrane proteins, light-harvesting antenna complex (LH1), reaction center (RC), and their combined 'core' complex (LH1-RC) are functional elements in the primary photosynthetic events, i.e., capturing and transferring light energy and subsequent charge separation. These photosynthetic units (PSUs) isolated from Rhodospirillum rubrum (Rs. rubrum) were assembled onto an ITO electrode modified with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane ( APS- ITO). The near IR absorption spectra of PSUs on the assembled electrodes were identical to those of solutions, indicating that the LH1 and LH1-RC core complexes were native on the electrode. Photocurrent response of PSUs on the electrode was examined upon illumination of the LH1 complex at 880nm. The LH1-RC and a mixed assembly of LH1 and RC exhibited photocurrent response, but not LH1 only, consistent with the function of these PSUs, capturing light energy and transferring electron. This result provides useful methodology for building an artificial fabrication of PSUs on the electrode.[1]


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