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A complex peptide-sorting signal, but no mRNA signal, is required for the Sec-independent transport of Ist2 from the yeast ER to the plasma membrane.

The yeast integral plasma membrane protein Ist2 belongs to a group of membrane proteins which are synthesized from localized mRNAs. The protein reaches the plasma membrane via the ER on a route operating independently of the classical secretory pathway. We have identified a complex peptide-sorting signal located at the extreme C-terminus. This sorting signal operates independently of targeting information in IST2 mRNA and sorting to the plasma membrane does not require She-mediated mRNA transport into daughter cells. Based on these results, we suggest a posttranslational mechanism, which leads to the concentration of Ist2 - via multimerization - at ER sites, followed by direct transport to the plasma membrane. This novel mechanism operates downstream of IST2 mRNA localization.[1]


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