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Family history of alcoholism influences naltrexone-induced reduction in alcohol drinking.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to examine the interactive effects of family history of alcoholism (FH+, FH-) and naltrexone dose (0, 50, 100 mg/day) on alcohol drinking. METHODS: Ninety-two, non-treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent participants received naltrexone daily for 6 days. On the 6th day, they participated in a laboratory paradigm involving exposure to a priming dose of alcohol followed by a 2-hour drinking period in which they made choices between consuming alcoholic drinks and receiving money. RESULTS: Total number of drinks consumed during the drinking period was significantly decreased by the 100-mg dose of naltrexone in FH+ drinkers. Secondary analyses in male drinkers (n = 70) indicated that 100 mg of naltrexone significantly decreased drinking in FH+ participants and increased drinking in FH- drinkers. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that family history of alcoholism might be a significant clinical predictor of response to naltrexone and that FH+ men are more likely to benefit from naltrexone therapy for alcohol drinking.[1]


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