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Potentiation of ICI182,780 (Fulvestrant)-induced estrogen receptor-alpha degradation by the estrogen receptor-related receptor-alpha inverse agonist XCT790.

ICI182,780 (Fulvestrant) is a pure anti-estrogen used in adjuvant therapies of breast cancer. This compound not only inhibits the transcriptional activities of the estrogen receptor-alpha (ER alpha) but also induces its proteasome-dependent degradation. The latter activity is believed to be required for the antiproliferative effects of ICI182,780. Estrogen receptor-related receptor-alpha (ERR alpha) is an orphan member of the nuclear receptor superfamily that is expressed in a wide range of tissues including breast tumors, in which its high expression correlates with poor prognosis. Although not regulated by any natural ligand, ERR alpha can be deactivated by the synthetic molecule XCT790. Here we demonstrate that this compound also induces a proteasome degradation of ERR alpha. We also show that although it does not act directly on the steady-state level of ER alpha, XCT790 potentiates the ICI182,780-induced ER alpha degradation. We suggest that treatment with XCT790 could thus enhance the efficacy of ICI182,780 in ER alpha-dependent pathologies such as breast cancer.[1]


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