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Neonatal myosin in bovine and pig tensor tympani muscle fibres.

In previous studies of middle ear muscles, the classification of fibre types by histochemical methods was particularly difficult in the bovine and porcine tensor tympani muscle, suggesting the presence of immature fibres. We therefore reexamined the tensor tympani from pigs and cattle of various ages immunohistochemically, using a panel of antimyosin antibodies, including one (anti-NE) specific for neonatal and embryonic myosins. Fibres positive to anti-NE were found in tensor tympani in both species in all ages examined; only a few of these fibres reacted exclusively with this antibody; some also contained slow myosin and the majority also contained adult fast (type IIA) myosin. Furthermore, although the remaining fibres included some of the classical types I and IIA, the majority of them showed a mismatch between their histochemical and immunohistochemical profiles. The morphological appearance of the muscle, the widespread presence of neonatal myosin (often together with another myosin in the same fibre) and the persistence of this composition from birth to adulthood, could be explained by an incomplete development of the muscle fibres, resulting in a 'muscle' much better suited to the role of a ligament.[1]


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