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Detection of SNPs in porcine haptoglobin and apolipoprotein genes.

To find differentially expressed protein spots using two-dimensional electrophoresis proteomic analysis, we took blood serum samples from 40 purebred Yorkshire pigs at 12, 18, 24, and 30 weeks. Each growth stage contained 10 male pigs having half-sib pedigrees. With the pooled serum samples, two interesting spots, differentially expressed in the growth stages, were identified using MALDI-TOF-TOF MS/MS analysis as haptoglobin alpha 1S (Hp) and apolipoprotein A-IV (APOA4) gene products. The Hp was down-regulated from 12 to 30 weeks, and APOA4 was not expressed much before 18 weeks but was highly expressed in the late growth stages. There may be an inverse relationship between the Hp and APOA4 genes. Four segments for the Hp and APOA4 genes were successfully amplified with sizes around 500 bp. The porcine Hp and APOA4 genes were screened in the 40 purebred Yorkshire pigs and a random cross population (90 pigs), resulting in the location of 6 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the coding regions. The mutations resulted in amino acid changes in segments of Hp627, Hp742, and APOA41203. Further investigation of the function of the Hp and APOA4 genes with SNPs will be necessary to understand fully the different expression profiles and association studies.[1]


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