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Drug interactions software programs.

The value of a computer application is usually dependent on the program's ability to store, rearrange, and retrieve information in a format that is useful to the computer user. Based on a list of drugs (input), drug interactions programs search their databases for possible interactions between each drug pair in the input list. An output list specifies pairs of drugs that potentially interact. Since each program uses its own information database, results may differ slightly among programs. In general, however, the screen menus, appearance of the programs, and the "extras" included in each program differ more than the programs' drug interactions output. The software programs tested are all easy to use. Each of the three drug interactions programs reviewed has unique features that may appeal to certain users. The Medical Letter Drug Interactions Program is the least costly and provides the most academic output, allowing users to view citations for each specific interaction. The PDR Drug Interactions and Side Effects software includes a side effects index that allows either searching of a drug, which produces a list of the drug's side effects, or searching of a specific side effect, which produces a list of drugs associated with that side effect. Drug Interactions III is the only program that allows users to add drug interactions to its database.[1]


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