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Localization of arginine biosynthetic enzymes in renal proximal tubules and abundance of mRNA during development.

Argininosuccinate synthetase and argininosuccinate lyase catalyze the conversion of citrulline to arginine in kidney. Immunohistochemical staining of mouse kidney sections with antibodies to these two enzymes, compared with the staining patterns of known markers for proximal tubules, demonstrated that these enzymes are localized within the proximal tubules. The relative abundance of mRNA encoding argininosuccinate synthetase and argininosuccinate lyase during fetal and postnatal development of mouse kidney was also determined. Changes in relative abundance of these mRNA in kidney are coordinate during development, paralleling the developmental profile of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase mRNA, which is also expressed in proximal tubules. Although relative abundances of the mRNA are comparable in liver and kidney of adult mice, the profiles of mRNA abundance during development of these two organs are distinct. The results indicate that these enzymes and their corresponding mRNA can serve as useful markers for examining the differentiation and development of renal proximal tubules in vivo and in cultured explants.[1]


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