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Chemical Compound Review

phosphoenolpyruvate     2-phosphonooxyprop-2-enoic acid

Synonyms: P-enolpyruvate, CHEMBL1235228, CHEBI:44897, HMDB00263, bmse000107, ...
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Disease relevance of phosphoenolpyruvate


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Biological context of phosphoenolpyruvate


Gene context of phosphoenolpyruvate

  • Three analogs of phosphoenolpyruvic acid: (Z)-phosphoenol-3-fluoropyruvate, (Z)-phosphoenol-3-bromopyruvate and (Z)-phosphoenol-alpha-ketobutyrate were found to be substrates for yeast pyruvate kinase (ATP: pyruvate (Z)-O-phosphotransferase, EC maximal velocities much greater than those found for rabbit muscle pyruvate kinase [8].


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