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Pharmacokinetics of diflunisal in patients.

There are few pharmacokinetic data available on the disposition of diflunisal in patients; this study, therefore, looked at the oral absorption, distribution and elimination of this drug. Ten pharmacokinetic profiles obtained from 8 patients showed a maximum plasma diflunisal concentration of 62.0 +/- 26.5 mg/L after 2.76 +/- 1.87 hours, and an area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) of 678.3 +/- 362.3 mg/L.h. Significant intra- and intersubject variability was observed in this group of patients. Analysis of biliary secretion of diflunisal in 4 patients suggested a biliary elimination and subsequent enterohepatic circulation ranging between 2.4 and 15.1%. The AUC for diflunisal in synovial fluid collected from 66 patients was about 70% of that for plasma. In none of 28 patients studied could any trace of diflunisal be observed in cerebrospinal fluid, even though the sensitivity of the assay allowed detection of concentrations as low as 0.01 mg/L.[1]


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