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Translating clinical trials into meaningful outcomes.

Efforts to unravel the complex biology that is necessary to develop new therapies best suited for an individual with cancer are at a crossroads with a strained health care system and an insufficient clinical trial apparatus. The resulting failures have been described as the "valley of death." Progress into the future will require new considerations and the engagement of a broad band of stakeholders. To identify novel therapeutics that are likely to succeed in late development and to be meaningful for clinical practice, investigators will need to make a paradigm shift in designing clinical trials and endpoints while adhering to scientific rigor when interpreting results and making informed decisions. Large phase III trials that show a modest incremental benefit will continue to diminish in value for patients, clinicians, payers, and industry. Outcomes that are robust in both magnitude and application to the real world will take on increasing importance. Ensuring active participation by patients, lowering barriers to health care access, and protecting patients through health care reform are requirements for the future success of the cancer clinical research enterprise. The challenge today is to develop new approaches to translate scientific discovery into cost-effective and meaningful improvements in cancer outcomes.[1]


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