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Chemical Compound Review

Progress     2-ethoxy-3,3-dimethyl-5- methylsulfonyloxy...

Synonyms: NORTRON, Tramat, ETHOFUMESATE, Nortron (new), CBDivE_013978, ...
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Disease relevance of NORTRON


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Chemical compound and disease context of NORTRON


Biological context of NORTRON


Anatomical context of NORTRON

  • Human visual cortex. Progress and puzzles [22].
  • Non-VR-trained residents were nine times more likely to transiently fail to make progress (P <.007, Mann-Whitney test) and five times more likely to injure the gallbladder or burn nontarget tissue (chi-square = 4.27, P <.04) [23].
  • The F:V data were analyzed within the framework of the Huxley model (Huxley. 1957. Progress in Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry. 7:255-318) for contraction and interpreted to indicate that in smooth muscle, as compared with fast striated muscle, there may exist a greater percentage of attached force-generating cross-bridges [24].
  • Clinical review 133: Progress in understanding the etiology of thyroid autonomy [25].
  • (4) We review how integrated viral attack of the host immune system also targets DCs: Progress in understanding the immunobiology of MV-infected DCs that could account for MV-induced immunosuppression observed in vivo is presented and their potential role in lymphopenia is underlined [26].

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Gene context of NORTRON

  • Design, Synthesis, and Progress toward Optimization of Potent Small Molecule Antagonists of CC Chemokine Receptor 8 (CCR8) [32].
  • The Prostate Cancer Progress Report to the Director of NCI in 1998 challenged the research community to design more efficient CP trials for prostate cancer [33].
  • By log-rank analysis, an MIB-1 LI of more than 2.0 was associated with shortened PFS (P =.035) [34].
  • BACKGROUND: Progress in the diagnosis, localization of abnormal parathyroids, and intraoperative management of primary hyperparathyroidism has been observed over the past 34 years [35].
  • BACKGROUND: Progress in molecular genetics has led to the identification of point mutations in the transthyretin (TTR) gene in FAP--a dominantly inherited neuropathy with a fatal outcome [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NORTRON


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