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Monoclonal anti-conjugated azelaic acid antibody production: application to multiple sclerosis.

We have previously reported the existence of anti-conjugated azelaic acid (Aze A) antibodies in the serum of patients with multiple sclerosis ( MS). In order to demonstrate the specificity of these antibodies, we have produced a monoclonal antibody directed against Aze A conjugated by an acylation reaction to a protein. In competition experiments, with ELISA method, we demonstrated that a part of the antibodies, raised in rabbit after immunization by human immunoglobulins (Ig) of MS patients, recognized the antigen-combining site of our monoclonal anti-conjugated Aze A antibody. These results clearly demonstrate that a part of human Ig obtained from sera of MS patients shared common idiotopes with mouse monoclonal antibody raised against conjugated Aze A.[1]


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