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SRV2, a gene required for RAS activation of adenylate cyclase in yeast.

We have identified a gene, SRV2, mutations of which alleviate stress sensitivity in strains carrying an activated RAS gene. Epistasis analysis suggests that the gene affects accumulation of cAMP in the cell. Direct assays of cAMP accumulation indicate that mutations of the gene diminish the rate of in vivo production of cAMP following stimulation by an activated RAS allele. Null mutations of srv2 result in lethality, which cannot be suppressed by mutational activation of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase. The sequence of the gene indicates that it encodes an adenylate cyclase-associated protein. These results demonstrate that SRV2 protein is required for RAS- activated adenylate cyclase activity, but that it participates in other essential cellular functions as well.[1]


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