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A molecular basis for the Ia.2 and Ia.19 antigenic determinants.

The murine Ia antigens, heterodimeric glycoproteins on the surface of immunocompetent cells, restrict immune recognition by their influence on cell-cell interactions. Many serological specificities have been mapped to these molecules, and monoclonal antibodies directed against some of these determinants block antigen presentation to T lymphocytes. As a step toward a better understanding of Ia function, we sought to define the molecular basis of Ia.2 and Ia.19, specificities found on the A alpha chain of only the k or of both k and r haplotypes, respectively. We report nucleotide sequences for the A alpha chain cDNAs of the k, r, and s haplotypes, which, when compared to previously published A alpha sequences, demonstrate the existence of one k-specific amino acid residue and of another present only in the k and r haplotypes. These residues must thus play an important role in the generation of Ia.2 and Ia.19 specificities.[1]


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