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Contraceptive efficacy of norethindrone encapsulated in injectable biodegradable poly-dl-lactide-co-glycolide microspheres: phase II clinical study.

Contraceptive efficacy of injectable norethindrone (NET) microspheres of 90 day duration was evaluated for 6 months: nine women received two injections of 65 mg each and eight received two injections of 100 mg each with 90 days between each injection. Average serum NET levels were 5 to 9 ng/mL on the day after injection and subsequently remained at 1 to 3 ng/mL. With 65 and 100 mg doses, respectively, 36% and 25% of cycles had normal bleeding patterns, 36% and 48% were amenorrheic, and the remaining 28% and 27% had prolonged bleeding. Also, 56% and 40% of cycles showed increased spotting for the 65 mg and 100 mg dose, respectively. There was no incidence of pregnancy or serious side effects. The mean serum NET concentration returned to RIA nonspecific basal levels 100 days after the second injection. Women returned to ovulatory cycles between days 100 to 115 after the second injection.[1]


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