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Effects of sandostatin on plasma chromogranin-A levels in neuroendocrine tumors.

We have determined the effects of Sandostatin (SMS 201-995, Sandoz) on chromogranin-A ( CgA) in the blood of 14 patients with neuroendocrine tumors of the gastroenteropancreatic axis, 7 with carcinoid tumors, 5 with gastrinomas, and 1 each with a glucagonoma and tumor-secreting vasoactive intestinal peptide. Two thirds of the patients had elevated plasma CgA. Sandostatin administration suppressed CgA in 12 of the 14 patients. In 8 of 10, the clinical response to Sandostatin paralleled the reduction in CgA levels. There was a strong correlation between the change in CgA levels and the respective blood concentration of the hormone produced by the tumor. Serial measurement of CgA may provide an additional means of monitoring these tumors and their secretory activity where other measures are not available.[1]


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