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Correlation between restriction map, genetic map and catalytic functions in the gene complex URA2.

We replaced the URA2 gene by six different deleted alleles constructed in vitro by Bg/II digestion in order to correlate the genetic map with the restriction map and to define the regions coding for the different functions of the carbamylphosphate synthetase--aspartate transcarbamylase complex (CPSase-ATCase). We also enlarged the collection of ura2 point mutations by using a positive selection method based on resistance to the toxic accumulation of ureidosuccinic acid (USA). Of the new independent mutations nine mapped in the intermediary zone, a previously defined mutationless region localized between regions coding for CPSase and ATCase. This shows that the former definition resulted from analysis of a limited number of mutants (40). The study of an allele deleted in the intermediary zone shows that this sequence codes for a protein region necessary for the feedback inhibition of the CPSase-ATcase enzyme complex. The CPSase- ATCase- phenotype of 26 mutants resistant to USA accumulation shows the importance of the in vivo channelling of carbamylphosphate in the CPSase-ATCase complex for USA and subsequent pyrimidine biosynthesis. Finally, our results confirm that the CPSase and ATCase activities are separate functions.[1]


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