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Thermotropic behavior of some fluorodimyristoylphosphatidylcholines.

The thermotropic behavior of three fluorinated phospholipids has been studied by means of high-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry. The three lipids are 1,2-di(X,X-difluoromyristovyl)phosphatidylcholine with X = 4,8, or 12. The compound with X = 4 has a higher transition temperature than dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine whereas the other two have lower values. All three lipids have transition enthalpies approximately twice that of the unsubstituted lipid. It was found the substituted lipids form strikingly nonideal mixtures with the parent compound. In view of these observations it is evident that results obtained using these or related compounds as probes of bilayer or membrane behavior must be interpreted with due caution. Some of the properties exhibited by geminal fluorine atoms in fluorinated phospholipids appear to be similar to those of cis double bonds in lipids.[1]


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