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Evidence for active intermediates during the reconstitution of yeast phosphoglycerate mutase.

The reconstitution of the tetrameric phosphoglycerate mutase from bakers' yeast after denaturation in guanidine hydrochloride has been studied. When assays are performed in the presence of trypsin, it is found that reactivation parallels the regain of tetrameric structure. However, in the absence of trypsin, the regain of activity is more rapid, suggesting that monomeric and dimeric intermediates possess partial activity (35% of the value of native enzyme) which is sensitive to trypsin. When reconstitution is studied in the presence of substrates, it is again found that monomeric and dimeric intermediates possess 35% activity. Under these latter conditions, the activity of the monomer but not of the dimer is sensitive to trypsin.[1]


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