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Nucleotide sequence of Rhizobium meliloti RCR2011 genes involved in host specificity of nodulation.

A 6 kb DNA segment of the R. meliloti 2011 pSym megaplasmid, which contains genes controlling host specificity of root hair infection and of nodulation, was cloned and sequenced. The DNA sequence analysis, in conjunction with previous genetic data, allowed identification of four nod genes designated as E, F, G and H. nodH is divergently transcribed with respect to nodFE and nodG. A conserved nucleotide sequence was found around 200 bp upstream of the translation start of nodF, nodH and nodA. This sequence is also present upstream of common nodA and species specific nodF genes of other Rhizobium species. The predicted protein products of nodF and nodG show homology with acyl carrier protein and ribitol dehydrogenase, respectively. The nodH product contains a rare sequence of four contiguous proline residues. Comparison with the nod gene products of R. leguminosarum shows that species specific nodFE products are as well conserved as those of common nodABC and nodD genes.[1]


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