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Proteolysis of the p220 component of the cap-binding protein complex is not sufficient for complete inhibition of host cell protein synthesis after poliovirus infection.

Infection of cells with poliovirus results in the complete shutoff of host protein synthesis. It is presumed that proteolysis of the p220 component of the cap-binding protein complex that is required for the translation of host mRNAs is responsible for the shutoff phenomenon. In this paper, we show that when cells are infected with poliovirus in the presence of guanidine or 3-methylquercetin, both inhibitors of poliovirus replication, complete cleavage of p220 occurs by 3.5 h postinfection. However, under these conditions only 55 to 77% of host protein synthesis is suppressed. Results obtained with extracts prepared from poliovirus-infected cells were similar to those obtained in vivo. These results suggest that complete inhibition of host protein synthesis after poliovirus infection requires at least one event in addition to proteolysis of p220. Thus, proteolysis of p220 is probably necessary but not sufficient for total suppression of host protein synthesis after poliovirus infection.[1]


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