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Heterogeneity in rheumatoid factor isotypes and specificities in MRL mice.

MRL/lpr mice spontaneously develop an arthritis which, in several respects, is similar to human rheumatoid arthritis, including joint inflammation and circulating rheumatoid factors. In human disease, circulating IgM rheumatoid factor (RF) predominates but, surprisingly, in these mice we have detected much more IgA rheumatoid factor. This IgA rheumatoid factor has a major specificity for IgG2a, but heterogeneity in binding specificity was seen between different mice. IgG rheumatoid factors were determined in a heterologous mouse IgG assay, in which each subclass of rheumatoid factor was tested for its ability to bind to the remaining IgG subclasses. Rheumatoid factor activity was detected in all the IgG subclasses, but particularly elevated levels were seen in IgG3 and IgG1. Both the levels and specificities of IgG rheumatoid factors were markedly different between each mouse.[1]


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