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Pharmacokinetics of N-desmethylclobazam in healthy volunteers and patients with epilepsy.

1. The single dose pharmacokinetics of N-desmethylclobazam (NDMC) and clobazam were studied in eight healthy male volunteers. 2. Steady-state pharmacokinetic data are described from four healthy male volunteers and eight epileptic patients taking NDMC. 3. A single 30 mg dose of NDMC produced a greater Cmax (P less than 0.001) and AUC0-infinity (P less than 0.005) and a shorter tmax (P less than 0.05) and t1/2 (P less than 0.01) for NDMC than did 30 mg clobazam. 4. Mean steady-state NDMC concentrations were greater in male patients than in female patients and also in male patients compared with male volunteers. The differences between patients and volunteers might be explained by concomitant antiepileptic medication.[1]


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