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A high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the enantiomeric analysis of the enzymatically synthesized coenzyme A ester of 2-tetradecylglycidic acid.

The enantiomeric composition of an enzymatically synthesized sample of the coenzyme A ester of 2-tetradecylglycidic acid (TDGA-CoA) was determined by the use of high-performance liquid chromatography with a chiral stationary phase. The stationary phase was commercially available and consisted of (R)-N-(3,5-dinitrobenzoyl)phenylglycine covalently bonded to aminopropyl silica gel. Analysis was performed using the phenacyl derivative of 2-tetradecylglycidic acid (TDGA), obtained by mild hydrolysis of the TDGA-CoA followed by reaction of the extracted TDGA with phenacyl chloride. Chromatography showed the enantiomeric purity of TDGA-CoA, synthesized in a rat liver microsomal enzyme mixture over a 2-h period, to be a 15.6:1 ratio of the R:S enantiomers (88% ee). The result demonstrates the stereoselectivity of the long-chain fatty acid-coenzyme A synthetase for chiral fatty acid epoxide, TDGA.[1]


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