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Isocratic high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and multiple-wavelength ultraviolet detection of aldicarb and its soil degradation products. Optimization of stationary phase selectivity.

The unique selectivities which can be generated through optimization of stationary/mobile phase combinations have been applied to the development of an isocratic, reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the separation of aldicarb and its primary soil degradation products. The method utilizes a cyanopropyl bonded stationary phase and water-acetonitrile mobile phase and is capable of separating aldicarb and its various sulfoxide, sulfone and oxime derivatives in less than 10 min. When combined with multiple-wavelength UV detection and an appropriate preconcentration step, this method can in principle be applied to the routine monitoring of aldicarb and its soil derivatives in water at concentrations less than 1 microgram/l.[1]


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