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Dopaminergic receptor sites in human brain: positron emission tomography.

Positron emission tomography (PET) and 11C-labeled pimozide were used to study the dopaminergic (DA) receptor sites in the human striatum by comparing the latter with the cerebellum, which lacks DA receptors. Although 11C-pimozide concentration was not different in these two brain structures up to 53 minutes after IV injection (thus implying large nonspecific binding), a significant retention of radioactivity in striatum relative to cerebellum was found in controls but not in subjects pretreated with the unlabeled competitor haloperidol. This suggests that the striatal retention seen in controls was due to specific binding of 11C-pimozide to DA receptor sites, whereas prior occupation of the receptor sites by the unlabeled competitor was achieved in pretreated subjects.[1]


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