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Relationship between red blood cell uptake and methemoglobin production by nitrobenzene and dinitrobenzene in vitro.

Nitrobenzene increases methemoglobin formation when incubated with native hemoglobin but not when incubated with red blood cell suspensions. These experiments were designed to determine if transport of nitrobenzene across the red blood cell membrane is a limiting factor for methemoglobin production by red blood cell suspensions. Incubation of [14C]-m-, o- or p-dinitrobenzene, but not mononitrobenzene, with red blood cell suspensions caused a time-dependent increase in methemoglobin. All three dinitrobenzenes and mononitrobenzene crossed the red blood cell membrane and accumulated in the erythrocytes after only 1 min of incubation. Incubation of mononitrobenzene with hemolysates did not result in methemoglobin production. Incubation of red blood cells with the dinitrobenzenes or mononitrobenzene for 1 and 10 min at 4 degrees C did not influence red blood cell uptake of the nitrobenzenes, suggesting that these compounds do not enter the red blood cell by an active process. Dinitrobenzene-induced methemoglobin production was markedly inhibited at 4 degrees C, and may be a result of decreased interaction with hemoglobin and/or decreased metabolism to reactive intermediates which mediate methemoglobin production. These data indicate that red blood cell transport of nitrobenzene is not the limiting factor in methemoglobin production in vitro.[1]


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