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Skin test suppression by antihistamines and the development of subsensitivity.

The suppression of skin test reactivity by single doses of six antihistamines was measured before and after a period of daily antihistamine ingestion in 18 subjects. Single doses of hydroxyzine, 50 mg; chlorpheniramine, 16 mg; and promethazine, 50 mg; induced significant suppression of skin test reactivity at 2 hr, whereas the suppression produced by tripelennamine, 100 mg; diphenhydramine, 50 mg; and cyproheptadine, 16 mg; did not differ significantly from that produced by placebo. After 3 wk of treatment with hydroxyzine, 75 mg per day, the suppressive effect of hydroxyzine as well as the five clinically unrelated antihistamines was significantly reduced. Although the response to chlorpheniramine was also reduced after chronic treatment with chlorpheniramine, 24 mg per day, the difference was not statistically significant. We conclude that antihistamines in the doses used differ greatly in their suppressive effect on skin test reactivity. The antihistamine producing the most skin test suppression, hydroxyzine, when it was taken daily for 3 wk, caused the development of partial tolerance not only to its own effect but to those of clinically unrelated antihistamines.[1]


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