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cDNA and gene nucleotide sequence of porcine plasminogen activator.

We have isolated cDNA and genomic clones coding for porcine plasminogen activator (urokinase, uPA). The cDNA is 2375 nucleotides long: it consists of a 5'-non-coding region (104 nucleotides), an open reading frame of 1329 nucleotides, and 3'-non-coding region of 942 nucleotides apart from the poly A tail. The genomic segment corresponding to the transcribed sequence is 5.85 kb long; it is composed of 11 exons and 10 introns. The 5'-flanking genomic region contains a number of sequences of potential regulatory significance, including possible hormone receptor binding sites and a sequence which we tentatively propose may be involved in activation of transcription by cAMP. The full sequence of both cDNA and genomic clones, the latter including 1.3 kb of flanking region, is presented and discussed, and the deduced amino acid sequence compared with that of human uPA.[1]


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