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Sequential expression of mRNA-encoded keratin sets in neonatal mouse epidermis: basal cells with properties of terminally differentiating cells.

The keratin pattern of newborn mouse epidermis was investigated during terminal differentiation. In highly pure fractions of basal and suprabasal cells, obtained by Percoll density gradient centrifugation, we identified two sets of mRNA-encoded proteins: a basal set of 58.5, 52, and 47 kd subunits and a suprabasal set of 67 and 60 kd subunits. The large subunits of each set were alkaline to neutral, while the small subunits were acidic. Polyclonal antibodies against the suprabasal, acidic 60 kd protein and the basal, alkaline 58.5 kd protein selectively recognized their antigens in immunoblots of NEPHGE -resolved keratins and decorated the corresponding epidermal compartments in frozen sections. The antibody to the suprabasal 60 kd protein also recognized distinct cells in the basal cell layer. Quantification of this cell population revealed a 10% cell fraction, morphologically indistinguishable from the total cell population, that, in addition to expressing basal keratin proteins, was already synthesizing suprabasal keratin subunits.[1]


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