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Enrichment of IL-2-producer T cells from mouse spleen by use of Bauhinia purpurea lectin.

Bauhinia purpurea agglutinin (BpA) was used to enrich the interleukin 2 (IL 2)-producing T-cell subset from mouse spleen. IL 2 was found to be produced by the BpA-non-agglutinated (BpA-) T cells of mouse spleen on stimulation with concanavalin A ( Con A). The degree of IL 2 production by BpA-agglutinated (BpA+) T cells was significantly low. The proliferative response to Con A of BpA- T cells was not influenced by the addition of exogenous IL 2, whereas BpA+ T cells were partially dependent on the exogenous addition of IL 2 in the proliferative response.[1]


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