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Pharmacokinetics of pertechnetate administered after pretreatment with 400 mg of potassium perchlorate: concise communication.

The pharmacokinetic behavior of pertechnetate in normal subjects has been studied. Each received 400 mg of potassium perchlorate 30 min before pertechnetate injection. Timed blood samples were collected and counted. The time-activity curves for whole blood and plasma could both be fitted to an open two-compartment model of the form 3 comes from 1 in equilibrium with 2, where Compartment 1 refers to the vascular pool, Compartment 2 to the perivascular pool, and Compartment 3 to the urine. The pharmacokinetic state equation is given by: leads to X = -KX. Rate constants determined were: k21 = 1.47 hr-1; k12 = 3.11 hr-1; k01 = 0.137 hr-1. The rate constants were the same for the whole-blood and plasma time-activity curves.[1]


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