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Differential effects of antibiotics inhibiting gyrase.

Both oxolinic acid and coumermycin A1, inhibitors of DNA gyrase, block DNA synthesis in Escherichia coli. At low concentrations of oxolinic acid, the rate of bacterial DNA synthesis first declines rapidly but then gradually increases. This gradual increase in synthesis rate depended on the presence of wild-type recA and lexA genes; mutations in either gene blocked the increase in synthesis rate. In such mutants, oxolinic acid caused a rapid decline, followed by a slow, further decrease in DNA synthesis rate. Coumermycin A1, however, produced a more gradual decline in synthesis rate which is unaffected by defects in the recA or lexA genes. An additional difference between the two drugs was observed in a dnaA mutant, in which initiation of replication is temperature sensitive. Low concentrations of oxolinic acid, but not coumermycin A1, reduced thermal inhibition of DNA synthesis rate.[1]


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