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Genetic structure and origin of t haplotypes of mice, analyzed with H-2 cDNA probes.

We investigated the genetic organization and evolutionary origin of t chromosomes of mice by examining the restriction fragment patterns of DNA from t haplotypes and normal chromosomes with cDNA probes to H-2 class I genes. On genomic DNA blots, the restriction fragments containing H-2-related sequences were highly variable among different inbred strains of mice, whereas they were very similar among different t haplotypes even when the t haplotypes carried serologically different H-2 haplotypes. These observations suggest that all t haplotypes have a common origin and are not products of independent mutational events. We also mapped the position of several restriction fragments characteristic of t DNA by using a battery of recombinant t haplotypes, defined with respect to their t-lethal factors and H-2 haplotypes. We thus show that restriction fragments containing H-2-related sequences map to the left of the H-2 class I genes in t chromosomes, a region in which the tw32 b-lethal factor also maps. The cloning of these fragments can be expected to provide an entry for the structural analysis of t DNA.[1]


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