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Intelligence, behavior, and dysmorphogenesis in the fetal alcohol syndrome: a report on 20 patients.

In a sample of 20 patients with the fetal alcohol syndrome, ages 9 months to 21 years, the average IQ was 65, with a range of 16 to 105; 60% of the patients had IQ's more than two standard deviations below the mean. The sample included patients who ranged in severity of dysmorphogenesis from mild to severe. The severity of the dysmorphic features was related to degree of mental deficiency; children with the most severe manifestations of FAS had an average IQ of 55, whereas children with lesser manifestations had an average IQ of 82. All children were growth deficient for height and/or head circumference, but in this study only height was significantly correlated with IQ. Environmental and behavioral characteristics of the sample are discussed, and two adults with the fetal alcohol syndrome are presented.[1]


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