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Inhibition of the estradiol-induced growth of cultured human breast cancer cells by the anti-estrogens tamoxifen, desmethyl-tamoxifen, 4-hydroxy-tamoxifen and enclomiphene.

The growth effects of tamoxifen (T), desmethyl-tamoxifen (dMeT), 4-hydroxy-tamoxifen (OHT) and enclomiphene (Clo) on cultured human breast cancer cell lines have been related to published binding affinities for the estrogen receptor. Only in cells which were stimulated by estrogens did these anti-estrogens markedly inhibit growth. In both estrogen sensitive cell lines tested, 734 B and ZR 75.1, the anti-estrogen activity showed the identical rank: OHT much greater than Clo approximately equal to T = dMeT; this anti-proliferative potency agrees with reported affinities of these compounds for the estrogen receptor. In culture media containing defined amounts of estradiol we observed that a 10,000-fold molar excess of OHT was required to inhibit the estradiol-induced growth, but the estradiol-independent proliferation was not affected.[1]


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