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The amino-acid sequence of copper/zinc superoxide dismutase from swordfish liver. Comparison of copper/zinc superoxide dismutase sequences.

The amino acid sequence of copper/zinc superoxide dismutase from swordfish (Xiphias gladius) liver has been determined by alignment of the tryptic peptides according to the known sequence of bovine erythrocyte copper/zinc superoxide dismutase. This alignment has resulted in the ligands to the copper (His-47, 49, 76 and 94) and the zinc (His-76, 85, 134 and Asp-97) being conserved in all the copper/zinc superoxide dismutases sequenced so far. Also conserved in the sequences are the cysteines forming the intrachain disulphide bridge (Cys-58 and 160) and the essential arginine (Arg-157). Comparison of the amino acid sequence of swordfish liver copper/zinc superoxide dismutase with the bovine, human, horse, yeast and Photobacterium leiognathi indicates that the swordfish enzyme has a high homology with the other eukaryotic enzymes. Low homology is, however, observed with the P. leiognathi enzyme.[1]


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