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DNA sequence of the Rhizobium leguminosarum nodulation genes nodAB and C required for root hair curling.

A 3.2kb fragment of DNA cloned from Rhizobium leguminosarum has been shown to contain the genes necessary for the induction of root hair curling, the first observed step in the infection of leguminous plants by R. leguminosarum. The DNA sequence of this region has been determined and three open reading frames were identified: genes corresponding to these open reading frames have been called nodA, nodB and nodC and are transcribed in that order. Mutations within the nodC gene completely blocked root hair curling. However, a subcloned fragment containing only the nodC gene did not induce normal root hair curling (although some branching was observed), indicating that the nodA and B genes may also be required for normal root hair curling. From an analysis of the predicted amino acid sequences of the nodAB and C genes it appeared unlikely that their products are secreted; therefore it is concluded that the induction of root hair curling could be due to a secreted metabolite.[1]


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