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Influences of exercise intensity, age, and medication on resting systolic blood pressure of SHR populations.

The influence of exercise training on the resting caudal arterial blood pressures ( RBP) of hypertensive rats is unclear despite numerous investigations by different investigators. To determine whether RBP values were influenced by the intensity and the initial age of the animal at the time of training, several studies were undertaken that involved more than 100 rats. When male and female rats were endurance trained for 24 wk at an O2 consumption in excess of 75% of their maximum (Vo2 max), RBP results from nontrained (NT) or trained (T) animals were not significantly different even though at several time periods the T animals had higher resting pressures. However, when exercising rats at an intensity level representing 40-60% of their Vo2 max, the T groups had consistently lower RBP than their NT controls during the majority of the experimental time periods. In addition exercising young (2-3 wk old) hypertensive-prone rats at a moderate intensity was associated with lower RBP within 4-6 wk after the initiation of training; however, exercise training could not normalize RBP. Reduced dosages (85% of normal) of antihypertensive medication, when combined with moderate training, was also associated with lower and "normal" RBP in male but not female rats. We conclude that moderate exercise at an early age when combined with subnormal dosages of antihypertensive medication holds promise for the normalization of RBP in male hypertensive rats of a genetic origin.[1]


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